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Company Characteristics

Pensler Capital utilizes a variety of measures to evaluate the merits of each investment opportunity. Although each company and situation is unique, some of the major parameters we utilize in selecting and operating companies are:

Top Management -- The opportunity of continued involvement by senior management is available, although Pensler Capital's broad network is capable of locating top managers, if necessary.

Middle Management -- We have a preference for strong middle management

Capital Structure -- The firm's existing capital structure is irrelevant and we will consider restructuring situations.

Profitability -- We require the company to be profitable at the gross margin level. Operating profits are preferred but not required.

Market Share -- We prefer that a company have a reasonable share in its particular niche market.

Assets -- We prefer situations in which capital expenditures have not been deferred and there are substantial assets.

Quality -- We prefer that the company have a reputation for quality within its industry segment.


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