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About Us

Pensler Capital Corporation is a private investment group which provides capital, management expertise and financial assistance to a broad spectrum of industries. Managed by its general partner, Sanford Pensler, the firm capitalizes on the unique and varied expertise of its principals who have many years of experience in providing investment banking services to expanding companies. Well versed in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, we have worked on transactions totaling over $35 billion in value and will also consider assuming control of enterprises with valuations of greater than $15 million.  See Directory of Holdings*.

Pensler Capital seeks investment opportunities in a wide variety of industries, both domestically and internationally, with a particular focus on corporations in the manufacturing industries. Our preference is to review enterprises with a total value of $20-$250 million and to avoid situations that are driven by fashion. Unlike most buyout groups, Pensler Capital Corp., because it is investing for its principals rather than for a fund, has no limitations on how much of its equity it can put in any one transaction. 

We will review any opportunity in a confidential and timely manner. We have and will continue to provide preliminary indications of interest within 10 business days from receipt of descriptive materials and financial information.


* includes companies held directly by the principal of Pensler Capital Corp.

 *Pensler Capital Corp makes acquisitions and then participates out its equity stakes to a small group of investors. 

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